VIOLET TREE „reset” EU TOUR 2023 – Warsaw (PL) @VooDoo Club / 14.07.2023 / stage2 / 19:30

VIOLET TREE „reset” EU TOUR 2023 – Warsaw (PL)

Date: 14 JULY 2023

Venue : VooDoo Club [ stage 2 ]
Adress: Al. Prymasa Tysiąclecia 48A, 01-242 Warszawa.

*VIP’s – 19:30
Regular – 20:30

Tickets :
– 50 pln / 120 VIP ( presale )
– 70 pln / 140 VIP ( doors )

*VIP Pack:
– Early Entrance
– Meet & Greet
– Digital HQ photo with the band.
– Signed post card.

— More details coming soon! —

Violet Tree, debuting in 2014 with their song „After,” consists of vocalist Jiwon, drummer Wongyu, violinist Hyunjin, and bassist Seowoo. They have released two EP albums and nine single albums to date. This rock band from Korea has performed over 150 times in 24 countries, excluding Korea.

Violet Tree, known for their pop-rock genre, pursues a unique sound by integrating various musical styles. They have impressed and entertained listeners by combining the energy of rock with the melodies of the violin.

With almost yearly international tours, they have not only met diverse fans overseas but have also created a fandom called VORA, demonstrating their global fanbase.

In 2013, D.log, a former bandmate of Seowoo, introduced Jiwon, marking the beginning of the band. The band made efforts to recruit a special member who played the violin, and they succeeded in scouting Hyunjin, who was a college student at the time. After some member changes, they currently have Wongyu as their drummer and continue their activities.

Having debuted in the Hongdae rock club scene, the main hub of indie rock in Korea, Violet Tree gained attention by being invited to perform at the [Soundberry Festa] alongside mainstream artists within just six months. Through various small and large-scale performances, they caught the attention of international agencies and embarked on their first overseas tour in spring 2016, covering 20 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, and Kazakhstan, which was a unique experience for an indie band.

Since then, Violet Tree has continued their album activities and engaged in various endeavors, including overseas tours in Korea, the CIS region, and Europe.

Currently, they are preparing new music and concepts for their 2023 European tour.

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