Tour of the Power Saurus at Voodoo Club Warsaw / 31.08.2018 / stage2 / 18:00

Koncert Heavy/Power Metal @ VooDoo Club Warsaw

VICTORIUS (D, Power Metal)

Slay the alien scum!

Deep from the age of prehistoric dinosaurs comes VICTORIUS – saving the world from a fucking alien invasion. Alongside the holy dinoforce these five madmen play Jurassic Power Metal with lots of high tech stuff and laser cannons.

Grown in Leipzig, Germany, VICTORIUS played their first shows on a quest with epic battles against demons and dragons, forming touring alliances with bands like GRAVE DIGGER, VAN CANTO or FREEDOM CALL. From 2004 till 2017 they gathered thousands of supporters all over the planet in preparation for the most epic showdown in modern prehistoric history: dinosaurs versus aliens.

LUX PERPETUA (PL, Power Metal)


Hi! We’re a hard rock band from Warsaw formed in February 2013 influenced by the greatest bands of the 80’s.
Our band is a big mixture of 5 charismatic personalities who love rock’n’roll in its pure form! We try to create our own unique style and our main goal is to return to the roots of hard rock music to revive it with brand new energy.
Hard guitar riffs combined with a strong, charismatic vocal and an energetic rhythm section will take you to the greatest times of hard rock music! We hope 🙂
Try us!