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South Club „Second European Tour” in Warsaw / 25.11.2018 / stage2 / 16:00

Beyond ENT, Attack concert and South Buyers Club are happy to bring to you “South Club Second European Tour”!

Sunday, 25th of November 2018

VooDoo Club, Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia 48A

Show starts at 7:00PM (VIP events schedule before the show to be announced)

✖ Age restrictions:
More info soon!

On sale from Wednesday 31.10.2018 at 7PM GMT+0

Visa & Master Card: https://holvi.com/shop/Beyondenterprise/section/up10tion-europe-tour/
Paypal: http://www.europebeyond.com/goods/view?no=26

✔ Payment by credit car/paypal/bank card only (Paypal payments might require an extra purchase fee).

► PRICES (SPECIAL SALE 31.10.2018 – 13.11.2018)

● GOLD: 460zl
● SILVER: 360zl
● BRONZE: 200zl
● STANDARD: 80zl

► REGULAR PRICES (from 14.11.2018)

● GOLD: 600zl
● SILVER: 460zl
● BRONZE: 240zl
● STANDARD: 150zl

● Standard (General Admission): Regular entrance to the venue after BRONZE ticket holders has been let in.

● BRONZE: Third Entrance (After HQ Group Photo Event), High Touch, Photocard, Yellow Color Wristband.

● SILVER: Second Entrance (After Gold), High touch, Signed Poster, HQ Group Photo (10 People+group), Silver Color Wristband. (signed poster will be given after the concert)

● GOLD: First Entrance to the venue, Fan Sign, Sign poster*, HQ Group Photo (10 People), Hug event, Gold Color Wristband.

*Poster will be signed during the fan sign. You can get official CD signed if you will buy it before the concert or bring your own official CD that was bought before.

✖ NO NUMBERED TICKETS AND NO SEATS. Entrance into the venue according to the queue order which won’t be managed by Beyond ENT.


We will sell merchandise online and at the venue. More information soon!

► Additional information

✖ NO PROFESSIONAL CAMERAS or IPAD/TABLETS ALLOWED! Smartphones and phones are allowed.

✔ Coatroom available at the venue according to the venue’s fee. Price 1-4 zl (cash only so remember to bring your coins!).

For any questions please see our Q&A post (coming soon), please message us via FB Messenger or DM on Instagram. Please keep in mind that we will only answer questions directly sent to us, not the ones sent via comments on our different posts.

Let’s have fun!

Best regards,
The Beyond ENT Team
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Beyond ENT official Instagram: www.instagram.com/beyondentent
Beyond ENT official Twitter: https://twitter.com/BEYOND_ENTER