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K-Pop & K-Hiphop Party x Young Bros in Warsaw / 30.06.2018 / stage1 / 21:00

[About the Party] 

K-Pop & K-Hiphop Party x Young Bros in Amsterdam on Saturday 30th June at Voodoo Club Warsaw!

We’d like to gather all the fans over Warsaw & Poland to our party at the venue 'Voodoo Club’ that can host up to 300 people!

Be ready for a crazy night of dancing and clubbing to only K-Pop, K-Hiphop & K-Edm Music, bringing some of the greatest tunes from all your favourite artists!

Young Bros’ DJs will heat up the dance floor remixing the hottest, new & old classic tracks of K-Pop, K-Hiphop & K-Edm Music!! We will make an extremely fun and exciting party so let’s Party all together! 😀

[About Young Bros]

Young Bros is a Korean party crew – the only genuine Korean Party Brand that is dedicated to throw the most exclusive & the biggest K-Pop Party all over Europe!

We are throwing our regular events in over 25 cities in Europe right now! Having thrown over 250 events all over the Europe, In UK & Ireland – Our regular events in London has brought over a thousand guests, and hundreds of guests to Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool and Dublin. This goes to say the same with these events & parties that we operate throughout Paris & Lyon in France, Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt & Munich in Germany, Warsaw & Krakow in Poland, Prague in Czech Republic, Budapest in Hungary, Vienna in Austria, Geneva in Switzerland, Madrid & Barcelona in Spain, Milan in Italy, Lisbon & Porto in Portugal, Bucharest in Romania, Stockholm in Sweden, Helsinki in Finland, Moscow & St. Petersburg in Russia and more.

And yet we are still trying to reach more cities and provide more of our events in your cities!

Plus, we’ve brought Korean artists like JoonYoung Jeong (with Drug Restaurant), VAV, G2, Nada, Grace, MiSO, Andup, Jisim and more to Europe. We enjoy having these special collaborations with various artists that makes our party even more exclusive and exciting that gives you the experience that you won’t find anywhere else than our parties.

Eventually we’d like to create the best party that gives you the best experience!

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Our photographer will capture all your moments throughout the night!


When : 21:00, Saturday, 30th June 2018, until 5 AM
Where : Voodoo Club, Warsaw

Entrance from 21:00 – 22:00 : 10 zł
Entrance from 22:00 – 23:00 : 15 zł
Entrance after 23:00 : 20 zł