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Diabolical (SWE) x Devilish Impressions x Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy [KS] x Black Royal [ Fin] / 24.02.2020 / stage2 / 18:00

24.02.2020 —– European Eclipse Tour —– Warszawa
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VooDoo Club
Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia 48A (dawne Bema 65),
01-242 Warszawa
Drzwi: 18:00
Start: 18:30
Bilety 40 pln ( I pula ) * / 50 pln ( II pula ) ** // 60 pln w dniu koncertu
*/** https://goout.net/pl/bilety/diabolical+devilish-impressions+dark-mirror-ov-tragedy/dibg/
DIABOLICAL (Szwecja, Black/Death Metal)
DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS (Polska, Melodic Black/Death Metal)
Dark Mirror ov Tragedy (Korea Poludniowa, Symphonic Black Metal)
Black Royal (Finlandia, Death’n’Blues)
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▶▶▶ D I A B O L I C A L (Szwecja)
Black/Death Metal
Indie Recording
More than twenty years after their formation in northern Sweden, innovative blackened death metallers DIABOLICAL are currently touring in support of their critically acclaimed concept album „Eclipse”, which was released in early 2019. Having already toured with Septicflesh and Krisiun earlier this year, and scheduled to tour with Hatesphere later in 2019, their touring cycle will continue into 2020 where they will bring „Eclipse” to life on stages across Europe.
DIABOLICAL brings a profound live experience with spitting musical and aesthetic complexity swirling around a dense soundscape of excellently distilled and refined ideas, altogether forming a rare display of musical craftsmanship equaled by very few contemporary metal bands.
– Betrayal (Officia Video) https://youtu.be/hmUYtfKXQNk
– We Are Diabolical (Officia Video) https://youtu.be/repKhh998Io
– Oracle (Officia Video) https://youtu.be/iP2Kuk-0Ur0
– Metamorphosis (Officia Video) https://youtu.be/1cGOG_kPXZg
▶▶▶ D E V I L I S H _ I M P R E S S I O N S (Polska)
Melodic Black/Death Metal
Non Serviam Records
Founded in 2000, initially as a studio project and transformed into a live act in 2006, DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS merges the fierceness of traditional Black and Death metal with a subtle dose of ethereal melodies. Throughout the years the band found the right balance between those seemingly opposing elements to eventually create their own, distinctive sonic path.
Critically acclaimed records and intense live rituals brought upon mankind while touring all over the Old Continent and beyond have earned the band an honorable reputation and thus it has grown into one of the most intriguing acts of Poland’s extreme music scene.
Not many bands out there are brave enough to reach beyond their stable framework. DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS, on the contrary, keeps pushing boundaries further out with each consecutive release and it is their unpredictable variability that makes them as dangerous as they are unstoppable.
– Eosphoros [OFFICIAL live footage] https://youtu.be/CGd8zzhr7Mw
– Eosphoros [Official lyric video] https://youtu.be/NKdQzbzKlmQ
– The I (official video) https://youtu.be/6feb0OlaEro
– Adventvs Regis (official lyric video) https://youtu.be/ilcSwRy85Uw
▶▶▶ D A R K _ M I R R O R _ O V _ T R A G E D Y (Korea Poludniowa)
Symphonic Black Metal
Radtone Music
Blazing through the utter darkness of South Korean underground cave, Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy will bring you the best of symphonic enchantment of death and the true dark ones.
This hellish horde of 6 piece virtuosos from the far east will mesmerize every bite of your black metal delicacy with their latest „Lord Ov The Shadows”.
– I Am The Lord Ov Shadows [Official Video] https://youtu.be/VtQgF17JwB0
– Possession [Official Lyric Video] https://youtu.be/DoS9256y9p8
– I Am The Lord Ov Shadows [Official Audio Track] https://youtu.be/KAQ5-_xakXM
▶▶▶ B L A C K _ R O Y A L (Finlandia)
Death Metal / Sludge
Suicide Records
Formed in 2013 in Tampere – Finland, Black Royal play a highly infectious combination of Scandinavian death metal with a crushing sludge. This is an experience described as 'Death Blues’
The band has released two EPs and a digital single since their formation and just recently they’ve signed a record deal with Suicide Records. Their debut album „Lightbringer” was released on March 9th 2018 and was nominated in Top 10 metal releases of 2018 in Finland by Inferno Magazine.
Black Royal releases their second full lenght titled Firebride on February 14th,2020 via Suicide Records.
– Firebride (Official Lyric Video) https://youtu.be/x4mZG87gMPY
– Pagan Saviour (Official Video) https://youtu.be/7vFf988zDZM
– Dying Star (Official Lyric Video) https://youtu.be/iVI98yDKI5A
– Scorn The Saint [Official Music Video] https://youtu.be/cbhk-9-CztA
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