Warsaw KPOP Young Night - 11 maja 2019 21:00 (sobota)

[About the event]
When : Saturday 11.05.2019, 21:00 ~ 05:00
Where : VooDoo Club, Warsaw, Poland



The night is Young!

At this KPOP Young Night, we’ll play all of the hottest young Korean music including Kpop, Khiphop, Kedm, Krock and other music that is inspiring Korea. You will also find our party items such as 'Touch Me Stickers', 'Traffic Light entry wristbands' and our favorite 소주 Soju (Korean Liquor) on the Bar and more.

We've brought many Korean artists & Idols such as B.A.P, VAV, Victon, JESSI, RAVI(Vixx), Flowsik, Hi-Lite Records (Reddy, G2, Sway D), Miso, Grace, Nada and more. Young Bros will bring your favorite artists to your hometown!


[Things to Note]

-This event is for +16 years old. Minor guests need to bring permission slip signed by a parent or guardian.
-Tickets are not refundable.
-Government ID Card is required for entry.


[Special DJ]



Young Bros Facebook: https://facebook.com/youngbroskpop
Young Bros Website: https://youngbroskpop.com
Young Bros Instagram: https://instagram.com/youngbroskpop



Warszawa Aleja Prymasa Tysiąclecia 48A 

(Dawne Bema 65)

Koncerty, imprezy, wynajem: 

kontakt@voodooclub.pl - Johnny

(tel. +48 602 559 066)

Promocja i marketing: 

promocja@voodooclub.pl - Jarek


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